Friday, June 28, 2013

Help: Viagra and Cialis

Being a sex worker, Viagra has been a godsend for me. Normally, I have no need for the stuff, but when I have back-to-back sessions or even extended ones, I like to take one as an insurance policy of sorts. I never have disappointed a client because I couldn't perform properly. People pay good money to see me and I make sure I give them more than what they paid me by providing a diversion from reality and lasting memories.

Having a lot of experience with Cialis and Viagra, I say, for myself, that viagra works better and quicker. Cialis does last longer but I don't experience any problems with Viagra running out of steam midsession on me.

With both of these pills, you will usually experience a mild sinus headache. I pop an ibuprofen with the viagra and have no problems.

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They also stock antibiotics for gonorrhea, Valtrex for herpes outbreaks, as well as HGH and roids for bodybuilders, as well. Take care of your discharges, outbreaks, and other STD symptoms in the privacy of your own home. Click on the banner below to check out all their gear.

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Just remember, never mix your ED medication with poppers!